The Messiah Concert is one of Nigeria’s Biggest Musical Christmas Concert to celebrate the Beauty and love of Jesus for man kind.

Its a time of the year when we all gather to celebrate the Messiah, The new Born King, JESUS CHRIST.

Deechords Messiah concert
Our Band Orchestra, And Chorals Group rehearsed from the 3rd Quarter of every year to prepare a whole range of Unique Musicals.

Ranging from Classical works from Handel, Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Hayden and more…

Jazz Compositions and Specially arranged Choral pieces for the pleasure of out audience.

In Collaboration with
Methodist Church Of The Trinity, Tinubu, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

We have this Concepts Sponsored and Envisioned by Our Patron, Honorable ADEKUNLE DAVID Ogunnaike.

Tickets for this year’s are already selling and seats can be booked at . . (link)
see flier and posters for details.